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Article : Fermeture définitive du forum
par Meewan 26/04/2015, 14:39

Vous pouvez visualiser la page à l'adresseéfinitive-du-forum…

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Acquérir une statue
par Melchior 25/04/2015, 15:33

Je n'arrive pas à acquérir une statue. Je précise que je n'ai pas la compétence sculpture. Mais j'arrive à acquérir une ba…

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Lol 4
par Roquebrune 02/04/2015, 11:09

J'avais pas lu quelque part que Chapak avait dit :"Lancement de Lol4 le 1er avril!" ? Où en est-on Dieu du Pastaga?…

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Welcome to Lands Of Lords

Multiplayer Strategy Game

In a medieval persistent world, develop your lands, cities and armies, become a fearsome war lord or a peaceful merchant. Your neighbors may be your allies, vassals or ennemies. It all depends on you…

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The new, multilingual version 4 of Lands Of Lords is still under development. In the meantime, you can play Lands Of Lords 3 in french.

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Explore the wide world for hidden treasures, establish your territory, build your cities, villages and fields, lead your armies into battle… The whole thing directly on a huge map shared by all the players.


No question of building the same city as your neighbor. You have at your disposal dozens of civil and military buildings, farming and mining facilities, which you can arrange as you wish to build the city of your dreams.

Units and Resources

Farmers, miners, craftsmen, warriors… Whatever they may be, your citizens will always have something to do to make your city flourish: producing building materials, food and a wide variety of other consumer products.


Get on the markets the resources you don't produce yourself, put up for sale part of your own production, set up prices according to competition and build up a true worldwide mercantile empire.


Every player can become the vassal of another player, becoming at the same time its ally and enabling the suzerain to expand its influence, withhold taxes and mobilize the host.


Choose your own goal. Whatever you may be, a builder, a warrior, a trader or a diplomat, the various ranking systems allow everyone to find its place according to its playing style.
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Lands Of Lords version 3

Fermeture définitive du forum

26/04/2015, 14:25

Suite à certains problèmes techniques liés au forum et au manque de temps de l'admin pour les gérer (le temps passé à réparer le forum est du temps non utilisé pour le développement de lol4), Chapak a décidé de fermer le forum. La fermeture d…

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Chroniques RP

par Creper 13/05/2015, 23:10

Le port de Dies, jour de l'embarquement des Raids. Vint le temps des Raids. L'Incarnadia inspectait ses valeureuses troupes. Des milliers et des milliers de Soldats, obéissants jusqu'à l'aveuglement, étaient a…

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